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Marc by Marc Jacobs 'Petal to the Medal Flap' Sookie

Available in Brown only
Size: Upper Width 22cm x Lower Width 27cm x Height 24cm x Depth 17.5cm

Code: PB024
Price: RM120


2010 Spring Collection Diamant√© Ribbon Clutch 

Available: Black, Beige, Almond, Blue, Green, Pink and Yellow
Size: Width 30cm x Height 16cm x Depth 5cm

Code: PB022
Price: RM95


Samantha Vega Inspired Leopard Print Trim Bag

Available in Black, White, and Pink
Size: Upper Width 30cm x Lower Width 35cm x Height 26cm x Depth 12cm

Code: PB021
Price: RM105


Thomas Wylde Inspired Punk Skull Motive Clutch

Available in Green, Beige, Black, Almond White
Size: Width 36cm x Height 26cm

Code: PB020
Price: RM105


Marc Jacobs Classic Q Hiller Hobo Bag

Available in: Purple and Black
Size: W36cm x D12cm x H34cm

Code: PB019
Price: RM130


Coach Jeweled Canvas Carryall Bag

Size: W42cm x D14cm x H26cm

Code: PB016
Price: RM125


Miu Miu Coffer Suede Bag

Available in: Black and White
Size: W39cm x D8.5cm x H32cm

Code: PB015
Price: RM130


Prada Limited Edition Fairytale Bag

Size: W35cm x D12cm x H23cm

Code: PB014
Price: RM95


Marc Jacobs Quilted Stam Bag (Chain in Gold color)

Available in: Blue, Black, and White

Code: PB013
Price: RM120


Balenciaga City Bag (Medium Size)

Size: W39cm x D11cm x H24cm

Code: PB011
Price: RM100


Balenciaga City Bag (Small size)

Size: W33cm x D11cm x H21cm

Code: PB010
Price: RM100


Louis Vuitton's Mahina Bag

Size: Botton W43cm x Upper W29cm x D12cm x H33cm

Code: PB009
Price: RM120


Limited Edition Chanel Classic Lambskin 2.55 Flap Bag

Available in: Blue, Red, Black, White, and Purple
Plum Red Color Not Available

Size: W25cm x D6cm x H15cm

Code: PB008
Price: RM100